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The Center provides a wonderful opportunity to learn the rare Dutch language and to find out a lot of interesting facts about history, culture and present life of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. You will learn about the past and the present ties of this region with Russia, and its position within the framework of European Union. You will have access to a wide range of training courses, thematic trips, and language internships abroad where renowned experts will share their knowledge with you.

The Center cooperates with such institutions as the University of Ghent, Ghent High School, Catholic University of Leuven and Free University of Brussels, etc.

We are planning to further extend ties with our colleagues in Netherlands and to organize undergraduate and graduate student exchange programs.

You can always call us: 8499-973-40-57 (Popova Sofiya), or contact via e-mail: benelux.rggu@gmail.com  Our adress:  Moscow, Miusskaya Square, 5, building 5, room 205.